In addition to voice-acting,
I've also taken up writing some scenes and stories.

My first piece of writing with the #ThomasCreatorCollective,
which can be seen at 8:57.

For this #ThomasCreatorCollective compilation,
I helped with two bonus scenes; created the idea
for one at 4:29, and then wrote the other at 6:32.

For the final part of this #ThomasCreatorCollective
story-arc, I helped write out the scene at 3:10.

My first bonus scene for the #ThomasCreatorCollective can be seen at 47:36, where I introduce Oily, Grouchy and Gruffy!

Although originally pitched as a potential episode, the Swiss Alps scene at 6:30 was instead incorporated into this #ThomasCreatorCollective episode, and I had the honor of writing it.

Not only did I write two of the scenes for this #ThomasCreatorCollective story (seen at 3:13 and 4:11), I also helped create the story concept!

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