Hear the many impersonations that Joel Hunter can do!

 This video was an audition I sent for the TUGS CGI project, "TUGS - Stormy Seas", which features me as all the male roles. I managed to impress the people I sent this to, and I landed the role of "Ten
the lead character of the "film", as a result.

  This video was also done for fun, but was also done to show that my vocal impressions
don't just lie with trains and tugboats,
but can also lie with a certain puppet show...

The audio clips for this video were originally sent to 20th Century Fox to audition for some of Harry Shearer's characters from "The Simpsons", after he announced in May 2015 that he was going to leave the show over the new pay cuts. But as of July 2015, he ultimately decided to stay on.

 My voice for Cranky in this part of the #ThomasCreatorCollective's "Racers on the Rails" series (seen at 33:39, 36:39, and 36:57)
is an impression of Matt Wilkinson,
who currently plays the character in the UK dub
of the actual TV series.

Not only are the voices in this video impressions of the new characters (Rob Rackstraw's Axel, Raul, and Etienne, David Bedella's Carlos,
Bob Golding's Ivan, and Jon Schwab's Vinnie) from the Thomas & Friends 2016 special, "The Great Race", but are also ones I created since some of them didn't speak at the time.
My first appearance in "The Railways of Crotoonia",
 where my voice for Big Freighter Pete (heard at 01:48, 02:06, and 02:12) 
is an impression of Peter Cullen, who voiced said-character in the 1991 adaptation of "The Little Engine That Could". This is also the first time my voice was animated.
My voice for Hugo (heard at 1:25-2:58 and 3:30-3:52) in this #ThomasCreatorCollective's episode is an impression of Rob Rackstraw's, who currently voices said-character on the actual TV series in both the US and UK dubs. This is also the only time I voiced Hugo, acting as a fill-in at the last minute!
My voice for Winston (which can be heard at 1:39, 1:59, 2:08, 2:15, 2:28, 2:44, and 2:59) in this #ThomasCreatorCollective's stand-alone, is an impression of Matt Wilkinson, who currently voices said-character on the actual TV series in both the US and UK dubs.
A little tribute to the comeback of
"Samurai Jack" in 2017, this video shows my
impression of the show's main villain, Aku,
who was originally voiced by Makoto Iwamatsu (sometimes known as Mako)
and Greg Baldwin (for the 2017 comeback);
my impression in here is based off of Mako's.
 My voice for Donald and Douglas (which can be
heard at 35:48, 36:17, 37:32, and 38:21)
are impressions of Joe Mills, who voiced both
characters in the Thomas & Friends 2015 special,
"Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure".

My voice for Troublesome Truck #2 (heard at 0:35-1:05, 1:41-2:00) in the second part of the
#ThomasCreatorCollective's "Steelworks of Scares", is an impression of one done by
 Frank Welker.
My voice for Fontaine in Sam Fenneh's series,
"Satellite City" (seen at 0:50, 2:27, 2:49, 3:15,
and 3:24), is based off of Robert Helpmann's
portrayal of the Child Catcher from
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

My voice for Fred in this episode of
"Enterprising Engines" (starting at 0:46) is an
impression of the late-Phil Hartman's voice for
"The Simpsons" character, Lionel Huntz.

  For this video, it was all for fun; it's an "audition" for a fan-redub of the 2012 Thomas & Friends special, "Blue Mountain Mystery", which
also features some of the many British accents I can do.

  This video shows some of the impressions I can do from the popular TV series, "Thomas & Friends". The audio was sent as an audition when the original actors, Martin Sherman and Ben Small left in 2014.

 My voice for Sir Robert Norramby  in this part of the #ThomasCreatorCollective's "Gordon's Grand Adventure" series (seen at 1:54 and 2:16)
is an impression of Mike Grady,
who currently plays the character in the actual TV series (both US and UK).

 My voice for Flying Scotsman in this #ThomasCreatorCollective, is an impression of Rufus Jones, who currently plays the character in the actual TV series. Originally had a different voice for him, so I slowly "morphed" it to closely resemble Jones' in an earlier project.
My voice for Ten Cents (which can be heard from between 05:31 to 16:38) in this episode of the online series "Sodor: The Modern Years"
(my first appearance), based on
"Thomas & Friends", is an impression of Simon Nash, who originally voiced said-character on the show's Sister Series, "TUGS".
My voice for Skarloey (which can be heard at 02:51-04:08, 07:28-08:14, 14:01, 14:43, and 15:35) in this episode of  "Sodor: The Modern Years", is an impression of Keith Wickham, who currently voices said-character on the actual TV Series in both US and UK dubs.
My voice for Duck (which can be heard at 0:34, 2:04-3:21, 4:00, 5:42-7:22, 8:08-8:59, and 9:34-14:19) in this episode of  "Sodor: The Modern Years", is an impression of Steven Kynman, who currently voices said-character on the actual TV Series in both the US and UK dubs.
My voice for Peter Sam (heard at 1:43, 2:09, and 2:30) in the first part of the #ThomasCreatorCollective's "Thomas & The Super Station" series, is an impression of Steven Kynman, who currently voices said-character in the actual TV series in both the US and UK dubs.
 The first official episode of "The Railways of
Crotoonia" not only features three of the characters I'll be voicing, but two are impressions; Salty (seen at 12:10, 12:32, 13:01, 13:17, 13:51, 14:16-14:39, and 23:23) by Kieth Wickham, and Big Ol' Rusty (seen at 13:13, 17:10, and 23:23)
by Jim Cummings.

My voice for Troublesome Truck #2 (heard at 3:18, 3:25, 4:58, and 5:02) in the second part of the #ThomasCreatorCollective's "The Big Steel Run", is an impression of a voice that was done by
the late voice actor, Daws Butler
My voice for the Brendam Docks Manager
(heard at 3:13) is an impression of William Hope,
who voices said-character in the US Dub of the
actual TV series.

My voice for Shark 1 (seen at 1:27 and 1:40)
is an impression of actor and voice actor,
John Ratzenberger.

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