My first Narration video, in which I read "Half Pint" by David L. Tank. Here's a comment from the author on how I performed: "This is David Tank, author of Half Pint. What fun to discover that it is still being enjoyed. Nice job on the reading...
I'm glad that I found this. Made my day."
It certainly made my day, too.

Made by the John Young Group in 2014,
I helped provide the narrations to help promote
the many interesting and recreational locations
of Pocatello, Idaho, USA.

 Another video of the cancelled "Stories of the LNER" series, but featuring a Halloween theme,
this time around.

 The last production I took part in 2014,
this episode of the now-completed "Crossed Lines" series is the first in the series to feature a full voice cast; a link to the 2nd Part of this episode can be found at the end of this video.

 The first and only episode of "Stories of the LNER:
Season 1"; 
it was cancelled in Late-2015,
and is currently getting rebooted without my involvement.

  Originally released on DVD by Pocatello
Community Media back in July 2013,
this documentary, "Fort Hall: Gateway to the
Pacific Northwest", tells the history of
Fort Hall, Idaho, from the views of those who
traveled to it during the Pioneer Days.
In this, I provide the voices of Rev. Jason Lee
(seen at 6:19) and Townsend (seen at 7:36).

Originally meant as part of a bigger video,
I ultimately (and sadly) had to scrap the project
due to personal moments at the time,
 decided to release them one at a time,
with the first being my take of the Season Two
"Thomas & Friends" episode,
"Percy's Ghostly Trick" (skip to 01:38 to view it).

  My involvement as a Permanent Voice Cast Member for the #ThomasCreatorCollective began in
the second part of "Gordon's Grand Adventure",
in which I played Sir Robert Norramby (seen at 1:54
and 2:16) and Flying Scotsman (seen at 9:13).

Over a year since my first appearance
with the #ThomasCreatorCollective,

D261 (also known as "Class 40"), a character
that I first gave voice to, returns (albeit, with a slight tweak, and can be heard a
 0:27, 0:34, and 8:09).

A sequel to the stop-motion fan-film called "Bionicle Ignition: Island of Doom", I played the roles a Ta-Mahri-Matoran and Karzahni; the video below contains all of the clips containing my appearances within the film.

Took over the role of Edward in the
#ThomasCreatorCollective's 2017 Christmas story,
"Thomas Saves Christmas".

Took over the role of James in the first part
of the #ThomasCreatorCollective's story,
"Rockin' & Railin'!".

In this third part of TrainnedAssassin's "Sodor: The Magic Within", a fanmade Thomas & Friends series, I voice a new character named Louie (who makes his debut at the 0:53 mark).
Due to some delays, I ended up having to take over the role of Scruffey in the second part of the #ThomasCreatorCollective's story, "Where In The World Is Percy?", a sequel to "Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! - The Movie".
My first live acting role outside of my Book-Reading show, this short film was made on the last day of my October 2018 trip to Boston, where I worked with Lau Lapides and her company on my new Commercial Demo (you can hear it on the "Home" page!). I also helped out a little behind the camera.

Here's the first part of "A Christmas to Remember", a movie which was the beginning of the
now-cancelled series, "Stories of the LNER";
released on Youtube in December 2013, I not only
provide all the voices, but also helped develop
a small scene that would show later on
(the first minute of Part 5, to be precise).

Originally done without voices, I was allowed to do my own redub (my first) of this fan-film by Vrahno, based on Lego's "Bionicle" franchise. A link to a
commentary can be seen at the end of the video.

This is my first participation in an audio-drama,
which is based on the popular "Doctor Who"
TV Series. Click the link to hear it.


 In 2015, I redubbed a series of short videos that featured the shortly-rebooted Lego line, "Bionicle", for two reasons; one, I want to show how I hear the Toa. And two, I want to show that I can create voices, aside from impressions.

 The 5th episode in the "Crossed Lines" series and the beginning of another Story Arc, in which I give two different voices for one character; a link to
the second part can found at the end.

 In this popular Youtube Series,
inspired by the immensely popular
"Thomas & Friends" TV series,
I not only officially join the cast
but also provide the voice of Wilfred,
a Mountain Engine who is seen whistling at the beginning of the video (and heard speaking at
18:36, 19:14, 19:59, and 29:09).

Even though I have a very small part in "Secrets
of the Stolen Crown"- the first special of the
#ThomasCreatorCollective for the Thomas &
Friends Youtube Channel (seen at 27:50), and to
help celebrate 70 years -, this 
was not only my first
appearance, but a great opportunity to provide
my talents for a well-known and beloved franchise.
When the second season of the
#ThomasCreatorCollective's series kicked off
in the Fall of 2016, 
I gained another character
to voice; Horrid Lorry #3 (you can hear him at 0:35, 0:53, 1:34, 3:24, and 5:10).

"Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures" audio drama returns, and under new management, but so do I as a Computer; heard at 12:43, 13:01, 13:09, 13:53, 14:04, and 14:33 in Episode One, and at 11:08, 11:17, 11:25, 11:32, 11:42, and 11:53 in Episode Three.
To hear it, click the links.
Intended as a follow-up to my 2015 redub of
"Percy's Ghostly Trick" from "Thomas & Friends",
here's my take on not only the Season Three
episode but presumably the televised sequel;
"Thomas, Percy, and the Dragon".

My involvement with the #ThomasCreatorCollective furthered in 2018, as I became the series' new Vocal Director AND Lead Actor in the Season 3 opener, "Thomas' Troublesome Truck Trouble"!
Took over the roles of Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert in the #ThomasCreatorCollective standalone, 
"Diesel, Percy & the Quarry Quarrel".
Inspired by Thomas & Friends, this episode of an original CG-Animated series is the first to incorporate a full voice cast, of which I'm part of as the new voice of O.S. (as seen at the 1:32 mark).
After hearing one of my impressions from my 2nd Thomas & Friends Impressions Video (it can be seen on the "Impressions" page), I was cast as the diminutive Detective McGonigle for Brick Tavern Films' Lego Batman fan film, "Killer Croc".
Passed on to Driver Digital, the same company that helps produce the #ThomasCreatorCollective series, I was hired on to help out with the voiceover side of this children's puppet series as Vocal Director; this episode is also my debut as Lead Voice Actor for it (seen at the 2:16 mark)!

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