In addition to doing voice acting and impressions,
I've also learned to do some singing and songwriting.
Here are some "melodious" examples!
 A little scene I've been wanting to redub for a long time, here is the "The Walrus and the Carpenter" segment from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland".
Made for fun, me and some YouTubers re-dubbed
a song from the Thomas & Friends special, "Journey Beyond Sodor". As a result, I became the voice of
Hurricane for the Thomas Creator Collective.

Here's another redub of another song from "Thomas & Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor". Not only do I voice Thomas and Theo in this (crediting myself as
"GeebMachine"), but also put the video together.

I return to sing in this festive one-off from the
#ThomasCreatorCollective, which can be heard at
7:58 ("Jingle Bells") and 8:51 ("Joy To The World").
In this episode of "Enterprising Engines",
I sing an '80s classic in a slightly different style
(starting at the 8:30 mark).

Even though I don't do any singing in this,
I did help write and develop the bridge in this song (which can be heard at the 2:27 mark).

My singing debut in the Thomas Creator Collective
as Hurricane (it can be heard at the 10:32 mark).

My singing skills are put to the test, as I perform
three characters singing part of the classic
Thomas & Friends song, "Come For The Ride",
in this TCC episode 
(heard at 0:20 and 0:56).
In four different voices, I sing part of another
classic song at 31:55 in this TCC compilation.

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